Ohio Tool Systems’ experienced sales staff will review your applications for the most efficient fastening solution. Through joint analysis, we can design a torque strategy that ensures your joint performs to specification.

Our in-house specialists consult with our large vendor base to develop the best fastening solutions for your application consisting of tools, assembly fixtures, and torque reaction, and monitoring products that will allow us to offer a complete turnkey system.


Torque Audit & Review

Our sales professionals can perform on site torque audits by using the latest in static and dynamic transducer equipment and analyzers. This audit can be used to recommend process improvements for fastening applications.  You will also experience improvements in product quality as a result in these audits.

Torque Data Collection

Our electric assembly tools have the capability of collecting and storing torque data that can be utilized for auditing, warranty claims, traceability, and quality assurance. We also offer equipment that includes products for checking the tool in a crib, or along an assembly line.  These devices can also check residual torque on an already tightened joint and monitor tool performance.

Demo & Trial Tools

Many of our tools and auditing equipment  are available for demonstration in your facility (on site services are provided in our primary area of selling responsibility). Also, we utilize our vendor Trial Tool programs to prove the value you will receive in the use of these high performance  tools.

ISO 17025 Services

We are accredited under ISO 17025 for Laboratory and Field Calibration of Torque measuring and Control Equipment

3D Printed Tooling Concepts

Complex assembly operations often require fitting an assembly tool into tight spaces.  Historically, and even today, that requires precision measurements and comparison of available models in a catalog for best fit.  There is also a fitting required to see if the specific model will work.  On custom projects this becomes a concern due to the cost of fabrication of custom tooling components. Now we can offer 3D printed tools at a much reduced cost to ensure the designed solution will fit the available area.