The Advantages of Material Handling Equipment

May 14, 2018

Optimize Work Site Processes

Choosing material handling equipment like conveyors, dock lifts and levelers, pallet positioners, scissor lifts, tilt tables make work easier and can reduce the number of workers needed to perform a task.

Streamline workflow

While there’s more to managing workflow than implementing materials handling equipment, flexible and efficient systems have the ability to address and alleviate issues of traffic intensity, staging congestion, the hassle of re-routing and more.

Maximize inventory management

The ideal system will help assure accuracy and control. When inventory is at the right place at the right time, there’s less chance searching for misplaced items, accidents, or damaged product.

Increase productivity

It’s not just about reducing manpower, it’s about designing the job to fit the worker. Beyond efficiency, you’re creating a safer and more comfortable place to work and that has a positive impact on productivity.

Reduce shipping and handling costs – when you reduce the number of people necessary to sort, ship, handle and receive items, you also dramatically reduce the time it takes to ship a package.

Improve customer service

It all adds up to customers receiving their shipments as expected, undamaged, and right on time!

Create a Better Working Environment

When you integrate ergonomic materials handling systems, you’ll help protect the physical welfare of your workers too.

Increase worker efficiency

Workers perform tasks with confidence when they know that you’ve implemented systems and processes aimed at making the most of their labor. In fact, materials handling systems that optimize overall workflow inspire confidence among employee; a smart way to promote a positive workplace culture that attracts top-quality candidates.

Reduce injuries and strains

When you reduce the amount of materials that must be handled manually, you’ll also reduce the number of back and hand injuries your workers experience.

Improve safety

When you reduce injuries, you’ve increased safety. It’s a simple as that!
And it’s clear that incorporating material handling systems can increase your company’s overall efficiency.

Looking for help with your materials handling? Ohio Tool Systems will work with you to assure the most efficient and productive multi-functional system that can pay for itself. And you can count on Ohio Tool Systems for everything from onsite inspection to expert installation or customizing a comprehensive ergonomic solution.

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