We offer 'Competent Person' knowledge of fall arrest systems, and can design a system in your plant to work in conjunction with existing facility installations.

Fall Arrest Systems

A fall arrest system is designed to allow a worker to move in his work space and safely support a worker in the event of a fall, minimizing risk of injury. A fall arrest system may include, but is not limited to the following products:

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - A full body harness that distributes the fall arresting forces over a large portion of the body reducing the chances of internal injury.

Connecting Device - Shock absorbing lanyard/lifeline that secures the PPE to the anchorage or attachment point.

Anchorage Point - An attachment area such as an I beam, tie off strap, or trolley.

Work Positioning Systems

A work positioning system is designed to hold a worker in place while giving a hands free approach to his work. This must include a secondary system for fall arrest in the event the work positioning system should fail.

Suspension Systems

A suspension system is designed to lower and/or raise a worker and support the worker while in that position. Examples include a suspended scaffold or a Bos'n chair supporting a worker on the facade of a building, bridge, etc. The worker must be protected against falling should the work platform fail for any reason. Your individual suspension system may vary depending upon the work being performed.