What sets Ohio Tool Systems apart?


Ohio Tool Systems isn’t just a factory-authorized repair center for some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry. We’ve earned a reputation as the leading full-service distributor in the region – supplying the brands you know and trust and reliable service to keep your operation running profitably. Our technicians are knowledgeable on a wide range of brands – even many of those that that we don’t sell. In fact, our technicians are so knowledgeable that our manufacturer vendors routinely come to us for feedback and insight to make their products even better.


Our knowledge comes from years of hands-on experience – tearing down and re-building equipment – across many brands and many generations of products.
We don’t steer our customers towards solutions that are the easiest or most profitable for us, we find the best overall solution. Many service centers won’t work on old, obscure or uncommon equipment, Ohio Tool Systems will! We couldn’t do any of this without our expert team of technicians – many who have worked in the industry for 20+ years.


At Ohio Tool Systems, we know that our long-term success is dependent on our customers’ satisfaction. The manufacturers that we choose to represent share the same commitment to high-quality as us; their dedication is reflected in the high performance, dependability and long service life of the products they engineer. We believe in offering a better value for our customers that’s why we meticulously track all equipment we service, even if it was non-serialized or that information was lost or damaged. Many service centers deter customers from considering repair as a viable option by charging high estimating fees. We give free estimates!

Looking for reliable repair service?

Professional Repair & Service

Hoist and Winch

We repair, test, and certify manual chain hoists, pullers, air, electric and wire rope hoists, to 20-ton capacity. We also repair, test, and certify air winches. We live-load test up to three tons. We offer on-site inspection and certification of hoists, lifting slings, hooks, and magneflux services.

Air Tools and Air Motors

We repair and test all types and styles of air tools and air motors, including impact wrenches, percussion tools, chippers, grinders, drills, and air motors.


We are accredited under ISO 17025 for Laboratory and Field Calibration of Torque measuring and Control Equipment. We repair test and certify DC electric transducerized assembly tools within our accredited lab. We also repair test and verify DC electric non-transducerized assembly tools.


We repair and test all types and styles of assembly tools, including screwdrivers, nut runners, pulse tools, inline tools, battery and impact tools.


We repair all types of diaphragm air pumps and air driven positive displacement pumps.


We repair and test 10,000 PSI hydraulic, air, electric pumps, cylinders, and hydraulic fastening tools.


We offer repair and modification, or redesign of ergonomic lifting devices.