Why Factory-Authorized Repairs Matter

Jul 09, 2018

They Know Your Business

When you have your tools and equipment fixed by a factory-authorized repair facility, their team of technicians have a deep understanding of the critical role that every tool and every piece of equipment plays in the daily operation of your business. They put responsiveness and customer service first because they understand that downtime has a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

Their People Are Expertly Trained

When your reputation is on the line, you recommend people you know and trust. That’s exactly why manufacturers specify repair centers they can assure will fulfill the job to their strict expectations. So, it’s no wonder they only authorize the most qualified teams backed by a high standard of expert training and industry credentials.

Their Parts Are Certified

A factory quality repair depends not just on great workmanship but also the quality of the parts that go into the repair. It stands to reason that parts must be vetted in the same exacting manner that the people are. When you work with a factory-authorized repair center, you can expect expert technicians to perform their repair service with certified parts available only to them directly.

They Guarantee Performance

When you have your equipment repaired by a factory-authorized repair facility, you keep your tools and machinery within their guaranteed terms of service. Using highly-trained technicians and certified parts is more than a smart way to assure against equipment or tool failure. Quite simply, that’s how the manufacturer is able to accommodate the terms of the warranty.

Ohio Tool Systems is the leading factory-authorized service provider and distributor for top industrial grade tool and equipment brands in and around Ohio, West Virginia, portions of Michigan, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania.

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