As the name suggests, Ohio Tool Systems builds systems. We review your applications and propose solutions based on sound ergonomic practices. We work best when we can be part of your problem solving team as we provide turnkey solutions to your ergonomic lifting risk.

Our large team of product vendors, such as Ingersoll Rand and Gorbel, provides tools, which we use, to analyze the cost benefit of ergonomic risk which you can use to justify the cost of ergonomic improvements. Examples of our work can be seen in our photos section . 

We recommend the services of The Institute of Ergonomics at The Ohio State University for ergonomic consulting and training services by those professionally trained in the field.


With four branches in two states we service Ohio, NW Pennsylvania, NE Indiana, So. Michigan, and West Virginia. Virtually, we also cover a larger area as many of the products we offer are installed and integrated by our customers. Give us a call to discuss your application.

System Integration

As part of your problem solving team we make the various products work together to create a total solution, giving you a single source for your project. From the time the fork lift operator sets a rack of parts on the turntable, we work to have the operator be as efficient as possible to use our ergo lift assist, ergonomic workstation cranes, and conveyor to create a complete solution that works together.

Installation Support

Since most of our systems are bolt up systems, many of our customers utilize their internal maintenance groups to install the products we offer.  We offer the service of supervising the installation or if you wish, contract the complete installation with OTS acting as project manager.

Onsite Inspection

All your cranes, hoists, and slings are subject to an annual inspection requirement. Let us quote you on providing that annual service.  We can provide onsite inspection, and load testing of your cranes, hoists, and other lifting devices.