Air Motors

Atlas Copco vane and gear motors are an ideal solution for many applications in industries like food, chemical and pharmaceuticals, transportation, packaging, pipe processing and maintenance. Customized air motors enable the customers to get the motors that fit their applications well.

Air motors are compact and lightweight. An air motor weighs only a quarter as much and occupies only one-sixth of the space of an electric motor of equivalent output power. Air motors develop far more power relative to size and weight than most other motor types.

Air motors can be stalled indefinitely without overheating or sustaining any other damage. They can be started and stopped repeatedly to an unlimited extent.

Torque, speed and direction of rotation can be changed easily using simple control methods.

Output inherently adjusts to match the applied load.

Controllable over a wide speed range.

Virtually unaffected by hostile environments and provides a smooth start-up to minimize ”shock” loading on transmission components.

Industry-Leading Air Motors

Atlas Copco Air Motors are leading the industry in development and innovation — offering a comprehensive range of standard air motors. Their air motors are engineered to meet customer requirements and deliver on time according to customer schedules.

Atlas Copco Air Motors are the natural choice for design engineers in the industries of today and tomorrow.

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