Blind Riveting

Gesipa Taurus with Parallel-head Pneumatic Blind Rivet Tool
Gesipa Taurus C-Series Process-control & Data-collection Blind Rivet Tool
Gesipa PowerBird Pro Cordless Battery Blind Rivet Tool
Gesipa FireFox Pneumatic Riv-nut Tool
Gesipa FireBird Pro Cordless Battery Riv-nut Tool
Gesipa Taurus Pneumatic Blind Rivet Tool
Gesipa Taurus with Nose-extension Pneumatic Blind Rivet Tool

-Blind rivet tools with designs optimized for
         -Ergonomics (light weight, worker comfort and safety)
         -Efficient use of power
         -High setting forces
         -Flexibility & low total cost of ownership (modular components)
-Pneumatic, battery powered and manual tools

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