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Atlas Copco STbench
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The STbench represents the state of the art in real joint simulation

The joint simulation functionalities can replicate the real joint characteristics and guarantee tool testing in the real operating conditions without interfering with the production process. It features an improved high-resolution encoder and advanced electrical contact system to have the best torque and angle testing accuracy and stability.

Equipped with LEDs on transducers and an intuitive touch screen interface, it guides the operator in the test. It is also possible to detect all the different steps of a multiple step tightening when connected to an external transducer.

Thanks to its enhanced hydraulic technology the operation is faster than ever saving both operators’ time and fatigue.

Integral to QA Platform 4.0's success

Atlas Copco's QA Platform 4.0 represents the smart connected solution for your entire Quality Assurance process. All measurement devices are wirelessly connected, so that the user controls the complete process using the same interface. Once programmed, the equipment can work independently, reporting to the centralized system.

The STbench is Atlas Copco's joint simulation solution that reduces line side tool testing time for operators and other plant personnel.

Highlighted values include increased uptime, superior ergonomics, increased productivity and reduction in defects.

Superior ergonomics

STbench and its components have been designed to reduce operator fatigue:

  • STbench height has been raised.
  • STbench keyboard has been raised.
  • STpad and PC can be titled to have a better visual of the screen.

Reduced dimensions make it easier to carry it along narrow production lines.

Removable STpad interface to get closer to the application of large 15" PC.

Increased productivity

  • The STbench's hydraulic brakes avoid the necessity of loosening after each rundown.
  • Fast text execution: Reduction of time between a test and the following one in comparison to competitors.
  • The enhanced STbench hardware allows to test faster tools.
  • IRC-Connect allows operators to perform continuous tests on automated spindles
  • Quick test setup.
  • Automatic synchronization with Atlas Copco controllers (including Power Focus 6000) for transducerized tool calibration.

Reduction in defects

  • LEDs on transducers indicates the correct cell to be used.
  • Simulation of the real joint: The tools performs differently depending on the joint, therefore it is crucial to test tools in the same production conditions.

Advanced tightening strategies testing

  • The STbench is able to run a multistep testing on an IRTT or SRTT transducer.
  • Multistep inspections can be made of up to 30 steps so that, for every step the STpad will return torque or angle results and evaluate statistics on these values.


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