Ergonomic Lift Assists, Handling Devices, & End Effectors

Ingersoll Rand Vacuum Handling Device
Single Vac Cup Lift Assist with Balancer
Ergonomic Aluminum Jibs with Vacuum Lift Assist
Ergonomic Lift Assist for concrete counterweights
Roll Handling Lift Assist with power tilt, up to 300lbs capacity
Lift assist to load panels into racks
Lift assist for scrap aluminum block handling
Vacuum Lift Assist
Ingersoll Rand Standard Lift Assist offers 90 degree tilt.
Torque Tube Lift Assist for lifting and installing car hoods.

We are a leading provider of ergonomic lift assist systems, designed specifically for your application. We review your application and propose turnkey solutions to minimize your team members’ risk of back injury.

Many of our systems allow one operator to safely perform the work of multiple operators, thereby saving manufacturing cost. Several products may be combined for a complete system, including lift assist, chain hoist, wire rope hoist, workstation cranes, lift tables or tilt tables, roller conveyors, even ergonomic matting.

Lift assists use a variety of attachment styles, including vacuum for lifting products, powered clamps, or even simple hooks. You can see examples of Ingersoll Rand / Zimmerman ergo lift assist below.

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