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Combining software and hardware products for a fully integrated assembly station you avoid costly rework, raise productivity and assure quality on your production line.

  • Our common goal: Zero-defect-strategy.

Preventing, identifying or correcting human error

Your benefits: optimized quality, improved productivity and reduced production costs in your production and assembly line.

Atlas Copco’s error-proofing software, hardware and smart accessories support you to achieve zero defects and reduce cost of rework, scrap or warranty claims. Scalable Quality Solution 3 (SQS3) is a comprehensive software solution driving quality, process reliability, transparency as well as product safety.

Industrial PCs ( HLTQ series) visualize the process monitored by ToolsNet 8 as data collection and process improvement software application. Together with smart connected assembly tools such as Power Focus 6000, Tensor STB and STwrench as well as useful accessories Industry 4.0 starts now.

What do you focus on?

A key focus in today’s production is zero defects. We support you in your error proofing challenges with specialized software solutions, state-of-the-art hardware, connected assembly tools and smart accessories. You need an individualized solution adapted to your specific tasks?

Contact us to demonstrate how our individual solutions fits your processes at its best. Take the advantage of a total solution supplier with single-source-principle also including installation and complete maintenance service!

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