Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Arrest System - fall protection was added to the bottom of the bridge for two operators with a safety interlock so the bridge could not be operated if the fall protection trolley was under load.
Fall Arrest System - we offer mobile tie off point to maintain equipment, trench protection, and tarping loads on trucks.
Fall Arrest System. Mobile tie off point folded and ready to tow to another position.

A Fall Arrest System is an proactive means of protecting workers from injury due to falls.

A complete personal Fall Arrest System is comprised of:

  1. An Anchor or Tie-off Point - examples include anchor straps, beam anchors, weld-on and many more
  2. A Body Harness - Lives depend on wearing a good harness. Comfort and freedom of movement are king. Available as single-leg or dual-leg connection
  3. A Connector/Connecting Device - examples include shock-absorbing fall arrest lanyards, self-retracting lanyards (SRL), and lifelines

Anchors can be attached to a variety of our material handling Crane, Rail or Support structures including: overhead monorails, jibs, X-Y axis track systems, and more. Systems can be retracted from the area manually or via powered drives.

The Gorbel Tether track system meets or exceeds ANSI standards for fall protection systems and allows users to move freely in an otherwise risky area.

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