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Atlas Copco Compact Torque Reaction Arms
Atlas Copco FTS Fixtured Tool Suspension
Atlas Copco High Torque Reaction Arms
Atlas Copco HTS Reaction Suspension System

Compact Torque Arms

The Atlas Copco AX1 Articulated Arm is designed for applications where traditional fixtured tools do not reach and where operator health and safety is a concern - ideal for workbench and conveyor type applications.

The arm absorbs torque reaction generated by the attached assembly tool, allowing for smooth, comfortable movement by the operator. AX1 arms are easy to assemble and install, saving valuable set-up time. They are adaptable for various applications and tool configurations for repurposing or lean production optimization.

FTS Fixtured Tool Suspension

Atlas Copco’s FTS Fixtured Tool Suspension systems are designed to meet a wide variety of application demands. Their flexible and adaptable design makes FTS the ideal solution for applications of all types.

FTS systems utilize a sturdy, proven method for torque reaction and linear guiding, providing low operating forces and high rigidity.

High Torque Arms

Atlas Copco torque arms are labor-saving extensions of Atlas Copco tools that ensure accurate tightening and raise individual productivity in your plant. AX Articulated Arms are designed for user-friendly handling of tools in a variety of applications. These inspired constructions are the perfect way to lighten the load when performing repetitive tasks on lines or benches. The arms can be used to support single-spindle, multi-spindle or customized solutions for reach, payload capacity and handling forces, offering the best ergonomic and safe operator environment.


HTS Reaction Suspension System

Reaction Suspension System – HTS was designed specifically for hand tool applications. This suspension includes a linear motion device that provides vertical travel for positioning and torque reaction of the tool.

Equipped with a WP Balancer, the system provides a lift assist for the operator, offering low handling forces and smooth movement. The balancer can be set to hold at a balanced position along the vertical travel or set to raise to the upper travel position. Torque can be applied in a horizontal, vertical or angular tightening orientation.

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