The IRC-Connect transforms your transducer into a smart wireless transducer that makes work in cramped spaces much easier.

This is more than just a cable eliminator and comes backed with functionality that simplifies your daily tasks. The IRC – Connect is not dependent on the STa 6000 when running its tests. It stores up to 5000 results safely with no dependence on the network and the test is reliable in all the working conditions. For quality assurance the IRC-Connect has an internal gyro that guarantees correct angle readings.

STa 6000

With increasing focus on quality, suing sophisticated tools to tighten bolts is simply not enough. It is also important to monitor the tool performance and this where the Atlas Copco STa 6000 comes in.

The portable STa 6000 can be used to check tool performance, repeatability and accuracy for all types of power tools and torque wrenches. Reduced weight and compact design makes the STa 6000 easy to carry along the line. Checking tools in the Tool Crib and on the line and checking tightened joints means quality guaranteed.


STpad is the core device in QA Platform 4.0 and can be used with either IRC-Connect, STwrench or with a STbench, seamlessly, moving from one to another. It’s the ideal solution for residual torque check, showing high level torque and angle trace details.

STpad can receive real-time instructions from QA Supervisor software, or work in stand-alone mode. The STpad is equipped with embedded 2D barcode reader and camera that integrates with any quality process management. An optional docking station makes the STpad fast to program using PC screen and keyboard like a normal computer. Moreover the STpad large touch screen interface has a rugged military design that resists accidental drops and dusty environments.

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