Percussive, Demolition & Construction

Ingersoll Rand A Series Chipping Hammer
Ingersoll Rand Backfill Tamper
CS Unitec Deep Throat Pneumatic Band Saw
Ingersoll Rand MX Series Pavement breakers
Atlas Copco Vibration Dampened and Silenced Chipping Hammer
Ingersoll Rand 33 Series Large Drill
CS Unitec Pneumatic Chain Saw
Ingersoll Rand JRD30 Series Rock Drill
Atlas Copco Chipping Hammer
Ingersoll Rand Rivet Buster

Demolition and construction tools with superior durability and power to weight ratio. Tools available with anti-vibration and noise reducing technology.

-Backfill tampers & sand rammers
-Heavy duty chipping hammers
-Jackhammers/rock drills
-Large drills
-Pavement breakers
-Rivet busters
-Spike drivers

We Offer Sales & Service of:

Atlas Copco
CS Unitec
Ingersoll Rand