Piston & Positive Displacement Pumps

Industrial Tools - ARO AFX Piston Pumps
Industrial Tools - ARO AFX Piston Pump single-post ram
Industrial Tools - ARO AFX Series Piston Pump

We offer piston pumps capable of handling a wide variety of viscous fluids. With a wide selection of pressure ratios and displacement rates available.

-2-Ball, 4-Ball, and Chop-Check
-Multiple configurations including single-post, two-post and heavy-duty two-post
-Viscosities from 15,000 cPs to more than 1,000,000 cPs
-Delivery rates up to 32.8 gpm
-Long stroke for high displacement per stroke, improved pulse profile, and reliability
-Lower pump end components materials including:Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
-Packing Seal material options including; UHMW-PE, PTFE, Leather, Staggered

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