Tool Position Sensing Systems

GCI Smart Arm Torque Reaction Arm
Two fixtured Atlas Copco drivers mounted on telescoping arm
Our ISO Certified Repair Lab for precision fastening tools
Atlas Copco 12' reach "Smart Arm" for torque reaction
Atlas Copco Position Sensing Carbon Fiber Telescoping Torque Tube

Articulating arms allow for a flexible workspace where traditional fixture tools will not reach. The arm is balanced and allows a ZERO G motion feeling weightless to the operator.

Atlas Copco added to their excellent DC fastening products by designing integrated torque reacting articulating arms. “This system may also be enhanced with a superior error-proofing system, the Atlas Copco Position Recognition System (PRS) that tracks the exact position of the tool, ensuring the correct fasteners are tightened to a specified torque in specific sequence,” says Atlas Copco.

GCI offers their AdaptiCS powered smart arms to control processes and fastner sequence assembly. GCI's ergonomic solutions involves steel and carbon composite assemblies. Lengths up to 20' and 7500nm capacity are available, as well as material handling manipulator arms up to 500 pounds lifting capacity.


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