Torque Analyzers & Testers, Transducers, Joint Simulators, & Test Joints

Atlas Copco IRTT-B Transducer
Atlas Copco STbench
Atlas Copco STpad

Torque Analyzers & Testers
Useful for setup and calibration of precision fastening tools including air and electric screwdrivers, nutrunners, pulse tools, and DC nutrunners. Torque analyzers are available as portable battery powered units or as wired and mounted units. Precision, ease of use and speed are key benefits our offerings provide. Torque analyzers can be used on a joint simulator or an actual joint.

  • Wireless connections available

Precisely measure applied torque on actual threaded joints or on a joint simulator. Industry standard as well as advanced proprietary models are available. various models can attach to computer or tablet for interfacing.

  • Stationary and rotary styles are available
  • Angle encoders available
  • Wired and wireless versions are available
  • Custom multiple spindle transducers
  • Wide range of capacities available

Joint Simulators & Test Joints
Joints can be used with or without transducers and have torque ranges up to 10,000 Nm. A large number of drive options are available to match your needs.

  • Portable or bench mountable