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Atlas Copco BWR Breaking Wrench
Atlas Copco CWR Click Wrench
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Atlas Copco MWR Mechatronic Wrench
Atlas Copco SWR Slipping Wrench

CWR Click Wrenches

The mechanical wrenches in the Atlas Copco Saltus product line form the basis for manual tightening. The torque wrenches of the CWR series provide the distinctive “Click” which is a very clear feedback when reaching the pre-set torque value. The repeatability makes them perfect for use in assembly lines.

The CWR wrenches come in very small sizes ideal for tightening in limited space. The wrenches are good as backup strategy for your controlled assembly technology and the easy handling has earned wide acceptance among operators.

BWR Breaking Wrench

The torque wrenches in Atlas Copco’s BWR series are primarily used in professional industrial environments. The possibility of over-tightening is significantly reduced compared to a click wrench due to the breaking-angle of the unique BWR mechanism.

The BWR wrenches are very well-suited for use in assembly lines as well as for repair and maintenance. You can profit from a wide range of end fittings which are quickly changed. The relaunched models BWR-20D up to BWR-440D offer a standard square drive providing the use of a wide range of end fittings common to click wrenches.

SWR Slipping Wrench

The torque wrenches in the SWR series are able to slip once the pre-set torque value is reached. The Camover-technology avoids over-tightening. The integrated ratchet function ensures you controlled clockwise tightening. The high repeatability makes the SWR wrenches ideal for assembly lines for extreme continuous operation.

MWR Mechatronic Wireless

Combining the productivity of a click wrench with the traceability of an electronic one, this smart manual fastening system for tightening processes is a good investment. Using the smallest version of this high productive wrench, you are able to get access to joints inaccessible for a standard tool.

Throughout a tightening, the MWR Wrench measures that the right angle is achieved, that the right torque is applied and that the operator releases at the correct time. Based on the mechanical “click” wrench the MWR Mechatronic wrench is highly productive.

The clear physical feedback of the “click” makes it easy to handle even for untrained workers, giving you a very short training period.

Controller Focus 60/61

In combination with the Controller Focus 60/61 the MWR mechatronic system offers controlled tightening possibilities and complete monitoring of torque and angle. The Focus controller manages the process and collects data reporting all results in real time for full traceability, while managers can monitor everything via ToolsNet or to customer software.

An optional stacklight connected to the Focus controller signals the status or any error of the tightening and Digital I/O.

Microswitch Adaptor

The Microswitch Adaptor is a perfect accessory to upgrade a click wrench or breaking wrench (version BWR-D) into a signal transmitting wrench. Connected via a cable to your PLC system, this adaptor can support control functionalities such as batch counting and line control sending Digital Outputs.

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