Precision & Critical Fastening

DC Tool - Ingersoll Rand InsightQC Controller and QE Tool
DC Tool - Altas Copco Transducerized Nutrunners with Power Focus 6000 Controller
DC Tool - Ingersoll Rand InsightQC in Assembly Cell
DC Tool - Atlas Copco Microtorque DC Screwdriver
DC Tool - Atlas Copco Right Angle Transducerized Nutrunner with Optional Scanner
DC Tool - Ingersoll Rand QX Cordless Transducerized Nutrunner with Torque Multiplier
DC Tool - Atlas Copco Pistol Grip Transducerized Nutrunner with Optional Scanner
DC Tool - Ingersoll Rand Transducerized Pulse Tools
DC Tool - Atlas Copco Transducerized ES Nutrunner with Power Focus 600 Controller

We are experts in Precision & Critical Fastening Tools and their application with thousands of systems installed over our history. We offer handheld and fixtured tools from top manufacturers for a range of applications. Whatever your needs we can provide tools with the ergonomics, speed, durability and accuracy you're seeking.

  • Transducerized/DC electric tools & controllers
  • Pneumatic nutrunners
  • Battery operated or cordless DC electric (transducerized) tools & controllers
  • Low torque and small screwdrivers for precise assembly of electronic devices, medical devices, vehicle electronics, etc.
  • Stud bolt drivers/setters
  • Programmable tools & controllers
  • Direct drive screwdrivers
  • Angle, in-line, and pistol grip tools

Actuation can vary, some examples we offer include:

  • Push-to-start
  • Trigger
  • Lever
  • Remote
  • Trigger permit

Primary Brands

Atlas Copco
Ingersoll Rand